All Species Parade


The All Species Parade, hosted by Spindleworks and Arts Are Elementary, celebrates living natural species on our planet. Parade participants are encouraged to dress as or create puppets of their favorite species – any living thing – and join in the fun. The parade takes place in downtown Brunswick. In recent years, the St. John’s Band has led the parade and AAE has provided a concert at the gazebo directly following the parade. Both the parade and concert are free and open to all.

The first All Species Parade in Brunswick came about as the culmination of Arts Are Elementary’s Second Grade and Multi-Age Classroom’s artist residency in 2009/10. That year students worked with Spindleworks artists and mentor artists Maureen Block and Catherine Worthington to create giant bird puppets out of painted cloth. They did this work as a part of their science curriculum study of animals. Together, the students and Spindleworkers discussed the inter-relationship of animals and humans within the context of the Gulf of Maine bioregion. They talked about the concept of “Species” and what it would mean to have an “All Species Parade.” And then each class made giant bird puppets to fly in the parade…and voila! The All Species Parade was born.

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