FAQ For Artists

When is the application deadline?
March 1st.

How do I apply?
Fill out the application form  and supply the additional requested information.

Once I have applied, when will I hear from you?
We try our best to announce our artist selections by April 30th.

If I am selected, what next?
The first thing we will do is figure out the dates for your residency. This is a collaborative process between artist, teachers, and school administrators.

As your residency dates approach we will arrange for a meeting with you, the AAE ED, and the teachers of the grade with which you will be working. At the meeting we will go over such items as:

  • The layout of the school
  • What will happen in each session of your residency
  • The curriculum tie-in and what teachers teach on the subject
  • Any special room arrangements you might need to conduct your residency
  • Any classroom supplies you are hoping to have kids use (e.g., scissors, pencils, crayons, markers, glue sticks, some paper)
  • Any logistical needs you may have, e.g. a cart for moving your materials from class to class, project drying space, an elevator card to access the elevator, storage space for your supplies
  • Whether or not you would like parent volunteers for your residency and, if so, for which sessions
  • Finally, we need to know what you like to eat! Wild Oats Bakery  in Brunswick supplies a first-day-of-residency lunch for all of our artists.

When will my residency be scheduled?
We ask artists to list their availability in our application. We then reach out to teachers and ask when, given the subject matter of the residency and the artist’s availability, when they would like us to hold the residency. Once we get the OK from teachers, the administration, and the artist, we begin to schedule the session times. We typically do not schedule residencies for September or late May/June.

How many kids will I work with?
Artists can plan on working with approximately 180 students in the public schools (divided between 8 to 11 classrooms, depending on the grade), and up to 20 students at St. John’s Catholic School. Ahead of each residency, AAE will provide to the resident artist the exact number of kids in each classroom that s/he will be working with.

What does a typical day in the life of an AAE Resident Artist look like?
On the first day of your residency the AAE ED will meet you at either Coffin Elementary, Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary, or St. John’s Catholic School, (wherever your first session is scheduled), she will help you get situated and will have you sign the AAE contract. To see a sample contract please click here .

Daily schedules for our artists can be a little funky, especially for artists in grade four and five. This “funkiness” is due to the fact that when scheduling our sessions we try our best to avoid diversified arts, math, lunch, recess, and literacy if the residency does not include a literacy component. To see a sample schedule please click here.

In the classroom, what role do artists play? What role does the classroom teacher play?
During your residency sessions you will be the leader of the classroom. You may invite classroom teachers to engage in your project along with their students, or you may ask the classroom teacher to be your helper. Classroom teachers will be present for all sessions.

May I have volunteer help during my residency?
Sure! Just let the ED know and AAE will make arrangements for parent volunteers. Any volunteer slots not covered by parents will be covered by AAE Board Members.

What supplies may I assume are available in each classroom?

  • Scissors
  • Pencils
  • Crayons/Markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Some paper

Does AAE evaluate artists?
Yes, after each residency we distribute evaluation forms to all participating teachers. Click here to read our evaluation form.

Do artists have the opportunity to evaluate AAE?
The AAE Director will reach out to each artist at the completion of their residency for feedback. We are in the process of developing an evaluation form for this.

When will I be paid?
Our contract states that AAE will pay its artists on or before the last day of the residency.

What if there is a snow day?
Brunswick school cancellations are announced on all the major media outlets in the area. St. John’s Catholic School follows Brunswick schools for weather cancellations. AAE’s ED will call each affected artist if there is a school day. The ED will work with the artist and the teachers to reschedule any missed sessions.

Can I take pictures during my residency?
You may take pictures but before you may use them for any publicity, etc., you will need to double check them with the front office to be sure that the parents of the kids in your photograph(s) have given their OK.

Will there be a culminating event at the end of a residency, such as an exhibit, performance, concert, or assembly?
Please let us know of your interest in and availability for a culminating event. We can work with the administration to try and make one happen during the school day or in the evening, or we can look to a community venue for such an event.